Meeting in Rakičan

26.10.2021. Rakičan

On Thursday, October 21, 2021 and Friday, October 22, 2021, a further seminar was held at the RISRIS_Oktobar_2021_2 Dvorec Rakičan in Rakičan on the case of good practice and strengthening relations between project partners.
First, the Youth Center RISKO was presented, which is an organizational unit of the Public Institution RIS Dvorec Rakičan, founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota and co-founded by the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia. The purpose of the RISKO Youth Center is to improve the level of key competencies and skills of young people, including young people with fewer opportunities, and to encourage their active participation in society. Therefore, they pay special attention to intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and youth solidarity. This was followed by the presentation of international conferences that are traditionally organized by RIS Dvorec Rakičan. An invitation was sent for cooperation and participation in conferences.
On the second day, participants focused on the dissemination and possibilities of using the good practice examples presented the day before. Thus, they presented their views and asked additional questions that arose about the programs implemented by RIS Dvorec Rakičan. A real debate developed about what are the examples of good practice, how can I use them in my work and what are the opportunities for improvement. With the implementation of similar programs and good mutual cooperation, all project partners can further develop their competences and fix possible shortcomings.
The meeting ended with concrete proposals for the continuation of the successful implementation of the project.