Study visit – Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

20.06.2022. Birmingham City University, United Kingdom

As part of the international project KEY (Keep Educating Yourself), in the period from June 13, 2022 tovb June 15, 2022, a study visit to the University of Birmingham in Great Britain (Birmingham City University, United Kingdom) was realized. The hosts and organizers of the visit were representatives of the project partner from Great Britain – prof. Dr Geraldine Lee-Treweek and lecturer Kevin Hoffin from Birmingham University. The first day of the visit was realized in the premises of the student campus and was aimed primarily at presenting the activities of the University of Birmingham, as well as summarizing the activities realized so far within the project. Afterwards, the participants of the study visit had the opportunity to visit the Think Tank, a scientific museum within the campus and learn about the results of work and research carried out by several centers in the field of early development (CREC – Center for Research in Early Childhood, EECERA – European Early Childhood Research Association ), as well as the Early Years Career Progression Pathways (EYCPP) project. The second day of the visit started with a visit to the kindergarten within the charity organization Ladywood family center. On the same day, a Round Table Future Proofing Skills for Professionals Working with Children was organized, dedicated, among other things, to reflections on strengthening the transferable skills of educators, at which professors from Birmingham University spoke, as well as representatives of various organizations that work with preschool children (the event was possible also follow online). On the third, equally intense day of the study visit, the participants had the opportunity to take part in work package 4 (WP4) in two workshops dedicated to improving the continuous professional development of educators (we talked about the characteristics of the training providers, as well as the Theory of Change, and in the context of the preparation and evaluation of activities aimed at professional development). A team has been constructed to produce the publication in this work package, and an online meeting regarding its content and form is expected in the coming period. This meaningful study visit, which took place in a pleasant working atmosphere, and was enriched by socializing during the festive dinner and tours of this second largest city in Great Britain, concluded with a visit to the open-air museum (Black Country Living Museum), as well as an agreement on further international project activities.