Meeting of project partners in Nikšić

05.09.2021. Nikšić

The meeting was held at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nikšić. It was the opportunity for 11 partner institutions participating at this meeting to summarize the results achieved so far. All partner institutions presented the activities from WP2 implemented at their institutions. The common conclusion was that equipment was procured at all partner institutions and it is to be put into service for its intended purpose – the education and training of students and preschool teachers with the aim to improve their work in practice. This was followed by an activity from the third work package (WP3) in relation to the Moodle course implementation. Then, the second part of the workshop was dedicated to the topic of Planning seminars, courses and materials.

KEY-Niksic-03 At the end of the working day, a meeting of the Steering Committee was held, whose representatives stated that despite the fact of the present danger of Covid 19, all project tasks are successfully realized.
It was also underlined that the National Erasmus+ Office in Montenegro conducted a monitoring visit of the Erasmus+ project Keep Educating Yourself 29 June 2021. Representatives of the National Erasmus+ Office expressed their satisfaction with the achieved results and praised the efforts of the project teams from all partner institutions.

During the second working day, the project partners talked about possibilities to the competencies of preschool teachers (WP3). Within the WP4, a representative of WEBIN, Jelena Nastić, presented a publication related to increasing preschool teachers’ competencies.

The third working day began with a Quality Assurance Committee meeting. The external participants’ opinions on the quality of the project were analysed. It was agreed that it is high time to begin with delivering the accredited training programmes for preschool teachers.


The three-day meeting was concluded with an extensive exchange of experiences and ideas for the next activities on the project.