Meeting of project partners in Novi Sad

07.09.2022. Novi Sad

In accordance with the project tasks, a two-day working meeting of project partners of the KEY projectNS sep 2022 was organized in Novi Sad. The meeting was organized to summarize the project results so far and as a preparation for the Final Conference in Novi Sad.
Representatives of all partner institutions are familiar with the completed and planned activities within the work packages of the project.
It was agreed that all higher education institutions should submit the list of accredited programs by the end of the week, in order to prepare the final version for printing. All materials required for the creation of the QA manual – observation and evaluation of CPD, as well as the CPD Self-Guide (Educator’s Toolkit) will be delivered by mid-September in order to finalize the preparation and printing of the manual.
On the second day of the meeting, each partner presented to the attendees the previous analysis of progress in their institution for the purpose of improving management and making adequate decisions within the project. In addition to the discussion on the dissemination of project results, the maintenance of planned and accredited trainings for the professional development of educators was also discussed.20220905_145440 Representatives of project partner WEBIN introduced the Questionnaires for the preparation of impact reports to those present
COVID19 on teaching and educational work that each partner will be given to fill out.
The meeting of the project partners ended with the meeting of the management board at the end of the second day.