Meeting of project partners in Novi Sad

26.06.2021. Novi Sad

The meeting was held on June 23 and 24, 2021. in Novi Sad. At the meeting, the project partners from Maribor conducted training for the Moodle environment. Participants from all partner institutions followed a workshop on educational planning in the Moodle environment while working on the computer, learning in detail how to design a classroom in the Moodle environment, how to prepare and edit documents, how to communicate with participants, etc. The workshop continued with concrete tests of the participants, where, along with updating and some new information, the participants tried to design their classroom and introduce certain materials into it, so that on their own Then followed workshops on the topic of planning seminars, quick courses and materials, after which participants devoted to a meeting where they discussed the accreditation of seminars (professional training programs) for educators.

NS jun 2 (1)
The second working day started with a meeting where project activities related to the publication “Teacher Self-Guide to CPD toolkit” were discussed. After that, each partner presented to those present a previous analysis of progress in their institution with the aim of improving management and making appropriate decisions within the project.
The two-day work activities ended with a meeting of the Commission for Quality Improvement and a meeting of the Management Board.