Meeting in Nikšić

14.10.2022. Nikšić

As part of the activities of the international project KEY in Nikšić in the period from 10.10.2022. until 12.10.2022. a meeting of project partners was held.
After opening the meeting and familiarizing the attendees with the agenda, the realization of planned activities in the past period was presented.
The participants discussed the product of this work package and the values of the publication “Analysis of continuous professional development of vaspics in Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Great Britain”.
In the second part of the first working day, a presentation was made of the state of project implementation in all partner institutions. It is a demanding development package and all partner institutions in Serbia and Montenegro implemented the plan, with great support from partner institutions from Timisoara, Baja, Maribor and Birmingham. The working meeting on the second day started with the presentation of the work done in the third work package. As part of the third work package, training was carried out for the application of the Moodle course, the creation of a training program and materials and program accreditation were planned. All partner institutions implemented their tasks to the greatest extent possible, which resulted in the accreditation of a large number of teacher training programs.
Within the framework of the fourth work package, the competences of the teaching staff in the field of providing training in the framework of quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of the continuous professional development of educators were improved, a detailed manual for quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation and proposed measures for improving the competencies of educators were developed.
Within the framework of the fifth work package, a model of accreditation standards was developed within the framework of the continuous professional development of educators,
planned strengthening of educators’ competencies in the area of policy making and advocacy. As part of the sixth work package, activities related to quality assurance of project implementation and results were carried out, evaluation reports and the auditor’s report were prepared, the process of public procurement of bids for the auditor was completed; planned consultative meetings with representatives of the Advisory Board for quality assurance, internal evaluation of progress and external evaluation.
Within the seventh work package, which deals with dissemination, the project website was launched and internal institutional dissemination, promotion through the media, and planned dissemination of project
results. As part of the eighth work package, a kick-off meeting was held, project teams were constituted, rules and procedures were harmonized, partnership agreements were signed, improved
competencies of the project management teams and administrative staff, realized meetings of the Management Board, ensured timely administration and reporting in the project.
On the basis of the realized meeting and the commitment of the participants to the analysis of the realized activities in the project, it was concluded that there is an extremely high degree of satisfaction of the participants with the results achieved on the project.